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Laurel Tessiore Certified Spalding Instructor


  My background...

Quotation marksI attended college in 1970 and graduated with a Dietetics degree some years later. I married and had 3 children. I discovered homeschooling and teaching. I wanted to be involved with the early years of my children's learning. Little did I know it would go on until graduation from high school!


During the primary years of schooling my children, a program called "The Writing Road to Reading", otherwise called the Spalding method, surfaced in some homeschooling circles. One of my children learned very differently from my other two. I searched for a method that worked. It seemed to work for her and my other children. But it was not until my granddaughter needed help in 3rd grade that I went back to the method. I now had more time and energy and only one child to school so I gave it another try. I dug in as deep as I could and started doing it "by the book", the Spalding book that is.

I discovered the program was created by a schoolteacher who sat under a master, Samuel T. Orton, a brain neurologist. The program produced great success for all students. I started testing my granddaughter monthly and saw her scores rise. From 4th to 6th grade she had advanced 3 grade levels. By the time she was in 8th grade she was a year ahead on testing, which is the recommended level for a student to succeed in school. She is now in high school and on the honors list! I was now convinced this was the way to go.

I worked for a year in a local private school and went for my certification with Spalding in 2007. I completed my certification in 2009. I am now an Authorized Spalding Tutor. I wanted the backing of an organization that is dedicated to preserving the method.  The Spalding Education International organization is constantly researching and testing the effectiveness of a program created over 50 years ago. It always comes out to be current and relevant because the method is created the way the brain works best using all 4 channels: sight, hearing speech and writing.

I had spent a year tutoring in homes and then I had a schoolroom in a church in Largo where I started working with ESL students. They were no different in success than my other students. Now I have my own schoolroom in Largo. I am convinced this method works for all students, all ages. I always wondered what I would do when my children were grown. Well I should have known-because there is always another generation coming up who need excellent tools. And Spalding offers just that. Quotation marks

-Laurel Tessitore

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