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Spalding Spelling Card

Spalding Finger Notation

  3-in-1 Spelling Course

The "Writing Road to Reading" or the Spalding method, named after its founder Romalda B. Spalding, has a unique 3-in-1 approach; spelling, handwriting and reading practice all in one.

  • Spelling lesson objectives

    • Learn 70 Phonograms of English language.
    • Spell words using the phonograms.
    • Handwriting skills taught simultaneaously with daily spelling lesson.
    • Notebook with the spelling words is created by the student.
    • Spelling words practiced two ways: for spelling and for reading.
    • Spelling and reading fluency are accomplished together.

Thus, spelling, writing and reading are all integrated into one lesson.

There is also a complete reading and writing lesson available.


An initial free evaluation test is given to show writing skills and placement in the program. After this the student is tested daily with the phonogram reviews, weekly with spelling tests, and monthly to measure overall comprehension of the spelling rules, phonogram sounds and handwriting progress. These tools are used to constantly assess the student's progress and to provide future teaching targets of each individual student.

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